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Programs Organized - Workshops/Short-Term Courses/Seminars

  1. One day National event ‘Gandhi Global Solar Yatra 2019 – a national event to commemorate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji’, organized by BEC and BEC-IEEE student branch. Chief Guest: Mr. R.S.Hiremath, CEO Flexitron and presided by Dr.V.C.Charantimath, Chairman BVV Sangha. 02.10.2019. Activity: 1000 students participated to assemble solar study lamp. Role: Program Coordinator
  2. Two days national event ‘NOVUS 2018 – a national technical symposium’, organized by BEC-IEEE student branch. Chief Guest: Mr. Ashwini Kumar, Microsoft. 24-25 Feb 2018. Role: Branch Counselor
  3. Two days national event ‘NOVUS 2017 – a national technical symposium’, organized by BEC-IEEE student branch. Chief guest: Chris Maxwell, Design Manager Battery Management Team, TI Dallas TX USA TI Texas Dallas. 18-19 Feb 2017
  4. One day seminar on “Applications of Batteries in Renewable Energy Systems”, by Mr. R. S. Hiremath, CEO FLEXITRON Bengaluru. Organized by IEEE PES student chapter-35261A, on 28th Jan 2017.
  5. One day seminar on “Energy Conservation, Audit and DSM”, by Mr. Mallikarjun A Kambalyal, Hubballi. Organized by IEEE PES student chapter-35261A on 1st October 2016
  6. One day seminar on “Recent Developments in Power Grids- Indian Scenario” by Sethuram Ganeshan, Product Manager, ABB & Chairman IEEE-PES Bengaluru, on 27th Aug 2016
  7. One day seminar on “Design and Development aspects in Solar & Geothermal Power Plants” by Mr. Shivanand Mariguddi, Administration Manager, Emerson Industrial Automation Australia, Sydney Australia on 15th April 2016 under BEC-IEEE SB.
  8. One day seminar on “Civil Engineering in Historical Perspective” by Dr.Bruce Seely, Dean, College of Sciences and arts Michigan Technological University, MI USA on 14th Jan 2016 under TEQIP-II.
  9. One day IEEE-PES Bengaluru Chapter program on “Young Researchers Meet – Industries and Academic Interaction to foster Research”, on 5th Dec 2015 under TEQIP-II
  10. Two days National Symposium on “Sustainable Energy Technologies for Academic Campuses”, on 5th & 6th Jun 2015 under BEC-TEQIP-II
  11. One day Symposium on “Emerging Technological Trends in Power Enginereing”, on 11th Nov 2014 by IEEE-PES Bengaluru Chapter
  12. Seminar on “Real-time Applications in Multistoried Buildings” by Mr. Vijaykumar D, Manager-Electrical, Manthri Developers Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru on 15th Aug 2014
  13. Seminar on “Career in Civil Services” by Mr. Shivanand Kalakeri IRS, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Bengaluru on 14th Aug 2014
  14. Five days Short Term Course on “Emerging R&D in Wind Energy Conversion – Present and Future Challenges”, from 21st to 26th Jul 2014 organized under TEQIP-II.
  15. Two days National Workshop on “Sustainable Innovation – an End-to-End Approach”, from 29th to 30th Jan 2014 organized under TEQIP-II.
  16. Two days hands-on workshop on “MatLab Programming for Electrical and Electronics Engineers”, on 30th and 31st Dec 2013 under TEQIP-II. Number of Participants: 60
  17. One day workshop “Curriculum Development, Revision and Restructuring – M.Tech PES”, on 4th March 2013 under TEQIP-II
  18. Three days SDP on “Electromagnetics”, by Dr. Anand K. Kulkarni, Professor of Emeritus,Dept of ECE, Michigan Technological University, USA, 1st to 3rd March 2013. Organized under TEQIP-II.
  19. Seminar on “Recent Developments in Solar Energy” by Mr. Shivanand Mareguddi, Engg Procurement Officer, Control Technologies, Sydney Australia on 16th April 2012
  20. Two day hub level event titled “Inn-Wie-tion” – Workshop on MatLab, Robust: Robotic contest, Quizes: Acquentomath, IT and General, Movie making competition on theme “Women in Engineering”. 31st March and 1st April 2012
  21. Seminar on “Innovative Ideas and Projects” by Dr. R. N. Herkal, Principal BEC Bagalkot on 22nd March 2012
  22. Two days workshop on “How to Teach Electromagnetics”, “Nanoelectronics” and “Recent Developments in Wind Turbine Generators”. Speakers: Dr. Anand K Kulkarni, Professor of Emeritus MTU MI USA and Mr. Damodar K Kulkarni, Electrical Consultant Gujarat. Date: 15th and 16th Feb 2012
  23. “NOVUS’10 – A state level technical fest and Robotics Workshop”, sponsored by BVV Sangha BEC, BEC-IEEE student branch and IEEE Bangalore section. 13-14 November 2010; Convener.
  24. “Awareness and Applications of MiPower Software”, two days workshop by Power Research & Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. 21-22 Oct 2010. Coordinator.
  25. Renewable Energy Options for Heating and Lighting in Public buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Tourist/Religious Places” two days state level seminar cum exhibition. Sponsored by MNRE Govt of India and Energy Department Govt. of Karnataka. Organized by KREDL Bangalore and BVVS BEC Baga1kot. 29th and 30th April 2010.
  26. KPTCL at a Glance”, seminar by Sri. S. C. Kalasad KAS, Director Admin & HR, KPTCL Bangalore and “Get-together of Alumni of BEC working in KPTC and all ESCOMS”; and “Inauguration of Alumni Association of BEC Graduates working in KPTC and all ESCOMS”, on 13-14 Feb 2010.
  27. Understanding Power Systems through Software Packages”, one day seminar by Dr. R. Nagaraja, MD PRDC Bangalore organized by BEC-IEEE student branch. 06.02.2010. Branch Counselor
  28. “NOVUS’09 – A state level IEEE BRV Varadan UG/PG student paper contest and technical fest”, sponsored by BVV Sangha BEC, BEC-IEEE student branch and IEEE Bangalore section. 28-29 November 2009; Convener.
  29. “FPGA based System Design using ALTERA Tools”, one-day workshop sponsored by E&EE, BEC-IEEE and Enixs India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore, 10th October 2009; Chief-Coordinator.
  30. “Modeling and Simulation using MATLAB-SIMULINK for Electrical & Electronics Engineers”, two-days workshop under Faculty Development Activity of BEC-TEQIP, BEC Bagalkot, 22-23 March 2008; Chief-Coordinator.
  31. “Advanced Topics in Power System Engineering”, one-day colloquium under Faculty Development Activity of BEC-TEQIP, BEC Bagalkot, 15 March 2008; Chief-Coordinator.
  32. “Enterprise Systems and Service Oriented Architectures”, International Workshop under Faculty Development Activity of BEC-TEQIP, BEC Bagalkot, 7-19 March 2008; Coordinator.
  33. “Auto CAD Electrical”, three-days training program for E&EE students organized by E&EE Department, BEC Bagalkot, 26-28 February 2008; Chief-Coordinator.
  34. Arunodaya-Solar Energy Awareness Program”, one-day training program organized in collaboration with Tata BP Solar India Ltd., Bangalore on 23rd Aug 2007 on the occasion of celebration of Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Club of BEC Bagalkot.
  35. “Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership”, one-day workshop under Faculty Development Activity of BEC-TEQIP, BEC Bagalkot, 27 March 2007; Coordinator.
  36. “Leadership Training Program”, two-day IEEE activity for IEEE Student Branch Office Bearers of IEEE Bangalore Section, on 17-18 November 2006. Branch Counselor.
  37. “MATLAB Programming for Electrical & Electronics Engineers”, one-day workshop under Faculty Development Activity of BEC-TEQIP, BEC Bagalkot, 16 October 2006; Coordinator.
  38. “Power Electronics Applications to Renewable Energy Systems”, one-week short term training program under Faculty Development, TEQIP, BEC Bagalkot, 17-22 October 2005; Coordinator.
  39. “Enterprise: The Need of the Hour”, one-day workshop for IEEE students members, 31 May 2005.
  40. “KSHITIJ-04National Level Student Technical Symposium” – [Technical paper contest, quiz, on-spot programming and technical seminars], 15-17 October 2004: Coordinator.
  41. “Learning Organization and Knowledge Management”, one-week AICTE-ISTE short term training program, 16-21 February 2004: Co-coordinator.
  42. “KSHITIJ-03National Level Student Technical Contest” – [Technical paper contest, quiz, on-spot programming and technical seminars], 15-16 November 2003: Coordinator.
  43. “IEEE Section Technical Colloquium”, one-day seminar, October 2001: Coordinator.
  44. “Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Resources”, two-weeks AICTE-ISTE sponsored short term training programme, 03-15 September 2001: Coordinator.
  45. Microprocessor Laboratory”, two-days Workshop, 20-21 April 2000. Sponsored by Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, BEC, Bagalkot and Visveswaraya Technical University, Belgaum in Karnataka: Coordinator.